"Jesus Christ Superstar"


"Janelle LaSalle as Jesus [in Jesus Christ Superstar] is cipher to her crowd of followers, always looking at them but seeing something else, as if a panorama of the universe clouds her eyeballs. Her belt pierces like a saber, mustering a force that could part seas.” 

–Lily Janiak (San Francisco Chronicle) 

"Jesus Christ Superstar"


 “[Janelle Lasalle's] powerhouse vocal prowess is Broadway level and truly captivating. Her rendition of "Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)" [in Jesus Christ Superstar] is likely one of the best I've ever heard - even among Grammy, Oscar and Tony winning performers. She reaches the audience at a truly emotional level as she shows her own raw vulnerability.” 

–Kevin Thomas (Reel Kev) 

"Jesus Christ Superstar"


 “[Jesus Christ Superstar] wins on all counts--directing, singing, dancing, set design, music, video, costumes, everything--and it would be a shame if you didn’t get to experience it for yourself. Most incredible is Janelle LaSalle as Jesus, her strong voice moving across the range of notes from gentle prayer to argumentative scream; her version of “Gethsemane” is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard.” -Christine Okon (Theatre and Such)



“[Memphis] had a really strong cast, but the night belonged to Janelle LaSalle who was able to transcend the role of Felicia and bring the audience through a roller coaster journey filled with emotions and depth of character. LaSalle was successful in transforming herself to the role - her song “Someday” offered the fun and bubbly side of Felicia while her big Act 1 solo “Colored Woman” showed her fierce power and passion. Her voice was flawless and her acting on point (never dropping her character in the 2 and a half hour show). It was a master class in theatre performance and she truly shined like a star.” 

–Vince Mediaa (V Media Backstage) 



 “ [In Chicago] these young performers look like old pros. No one fits that description better than Janelle LaSalle playing the sassy hussy Velma Kelly. Seen recently in the Broadway by the Bay production of “Dreamgirls”, LaSalle does it all; her acting is sultry, insolent and sexy, as is her dancing. And she can be a belter when the song calls for it.” 

–Joanne Engelhardt 

(San Jose Mercury News) 



“… Janelle LaSalle as Deena Jones (the Miss Ross stand-in)…delivers a solid, understated performance [in Dreamgirls], nicely traversing the path from naïve hopeful to embattled star.” 

–Robert Sokol (San Francisco Examiner)